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Materials: 20 Cobblestone, 1 Fire, something flammable under the center block to ignite, and a Flint and Steel to start the fire.

Rune pattern


Tool: Empty Hand

Effect: This rune initiates a player into Runecrafting. This is the first rune that you can cast as a player. (If you attempt to cast any other rune, you will be prompted to build this one first.)

Uses: Once

Instructions: After lighting the fire, right click the block under the fire with a tool.

Video: Runecraft 101: Initiation Rune


You can already manipulate the Aether - You're already initated

The Aether welcomes you as its master - You can now begin Runecrafting



- runecraft.runes.initiation
- runecraft.runes.initiation.use

Disabled-runes.txt String: