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Materials: 4 Gold Blocks, 13 Bedrock, 1 Lava, 1 Torch

Rune pattern


Effect: Used to edit rune blacklist from in-game.

Uses: Unlimited

Instructions: The rune's back must be pointing west, and it should be built in a safe place (i.e. bedrock room deep underground, making sure only the people you want can get in). After activating it, you place a sign above the lava containing a player's name and/or a rune's name in the spot labeled "Sign here". (Empty lines don't count.) To add a material to the ban, place it above one of the gold blocks (Spots marked "Inkban"). AS SOON AS YOU CLICK DONE, it will be added to disabled-runes.txt, resulting in one of the following:

 Rune can no longer be used.
 Player can no longer use Runecraft.
 Player can no longer use that rune.
 Rune can no longer be used with specified material.
 Player can no longer use Runecraft with specified material.
 Player can no longer use that rune with specified material.
 Line removed from disabled-runes.txt (if duplicate is already there).

Using the last one, you can undo another action taken with the altar.

If you cant fit a name in one line you should add '-' as the last character of that line and continue writing the rest normally on the line below it.
Must be enabled by adding "judgement" line to disabled-runes.txt.



 - runecraft.runes.judgement
 - runecraft.runes.judgement.use

Disabled-runes.txt String: To use this rune this line must be uncommented.