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Materials: 16 Bedrock, 1 Diamond Block, 4 Signature Blocks.

Rune pattern


Effect: Removes the Faith, the rune was used in, from the world and saves it, into a .faith file on the server root folder.

Uses: Unlimited. The rune is not consumed but since the Faith Island is removed from the world, it must be "summoned" back using the Redemption Rune.


"The land around you is not stable enough to be saved." - The rune isn't on a Faith island.

"The land is moving!" - The Faith Island is still moving from another rune.

"This Signature already has been used. Try another!" - Another player player has already used this signature.

"There was an error saving your Faith." - There was a problem saving the faith to a file. (Check console for more details)



- runecraft.runes.salvation 
- runecraft.runes.salvation.use


To use this rune this line must be uncommented.