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Materials: 4 Gold Ore, 5 Redstone Wire, and 4 Signature Blocks.


Effect: The Automation Designator is used to bind a triggerable rune to a signature. Automation Designator is a Tool Rune, which binds the signature to the Tool permanently, so you may want to use a disposable wood tool. Whenever you hit a block with the Tool, it will bind a receiving automation to that block on that signature. Since this is reusable, you can quickly bind many blocks to the same signature.

Uses: Based on Energy

Tool: Any non-block item.

Energy Cost: 1 Iron Ore worth of energy.

To link automation to a teleporter you need to have a block in the center so you can link this rune to that block. In essence the automation designator needs to be linked to the block that is where the rune is activated, without a block in the center of a teleporter you cannot assign the designator to the center.

Updates: The reusable nature was added in Runecraft 3.0.



 - runecraft.runes.automationdesignator
 - runecraft.runes.automationdesignator.use


Disabled-runes.txt String:

automation designator