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Materials: 12 Wool, 4 Iron Blocks, 4 Redstone Torches, 9 Redstone Wire, 1 Key Block, 4 Tier Blocks, and 4 Signature Blocks.


Effect: Stepping on the rune triggers any runes designated with Automation Designator using a matching signature. The designated runes need to be inside the range defined by the tier.

Tier Effect: Tier defines max distance from the automations triggered.

 T1: 8
 T2: 12
 T3: 18
 T4: 24
 T5: 32
 T6: 64
 T7: 128

Tool: Any non-block item.

Uses: Unlimited.

Tip: If you want to hide it, you can cover it with snow, half blocks, or pressure plates, and it will still work. The keyblock although required does nothing.

Update: Runecraft 3.0 removed the top layer from the template, so it can now be built without redstone.

Videos: Runecraft 101: Automation & Pressure Sensor Pressure Sensors: Teleporting Mobs



- runecraft.runes.pressuresensor 
- runecraft.runes.pressuresensor.use


pressure sensor