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Materials: 4 Redstone Wire, 1 Iron Block, 1 Piston or Sticky Piston, and 4 Signature Blocks.


Effect: Every time one of the four Redstone Wires get powered or the block where the piston is, all Runes which are bound to the used Signature (see Automation Designator) are triggered (Distance doesn't matter.) If a normal piston is used the automation signal will affect the current world the rune is in, if instead a sticky piston is used it will travel across all worlds.

Tool: Any non-block item.

Uses: Unlimited.

Breaking: To destroy a redstone sensor break the iron block underneath.


  1. You can put two of them right next to each other with the same signature, then negate the input to one of them and wire them both to the same redstone source, and the trigger will occur both off->on and on->off.
  2. When the above protip is used in combination with a Toggle Blocks Redstone Torch as its destination rune, you have a 1:1 wireless redstone to redstone link.

Video: Runecraft 101: Automation & Redstone Sensor


"Redstone Sensor destroyed" - Your sensor was destroyed.



- runecraft.runes.redstonesensor
- runecraft.runes.redstonesensor.use

Disabled-runes.txt String:

redstone sensor