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Materials: 16 Redstone Wires, 4 Redstone Torches, 16 Gold Blocks, 4 Emerald Blocks, 4 Signature Block, 4 Diamond Blocks, 4 Beacons.

There are also four optional spaces for containers, an optional space for container or piston, and an optional space for a filter block (the keyblock above the piston).


Effect: Creates a copy of the area defined by the Reality Anchor with the same signature. The following steps are then taken:

  • The Reality Anchor with the matching signature is found, and the designated volume is loaded into the Reality Master. Altering the Reality Anchor after this time will not change the outcome.
  • The Reality Master decides where to place this volume in relation to itself. The default decision is to build above itself in the same relative position as the Reality Anchor. This can be altered with pistons placed in the middle key block (explained below).
  • The Reality Master begins to alter the blocks in the new area, to match those in the old (Anchor-defined) area, starting at the NW bottom layer and moving W->E, N->S, bottom->top in that order. If the rune comes to a block in the Master volume that does not match the Anchor volume, it will replace it with the proper block – except in special cases. If the block to be replaced is Tier 4 or higher, or bedrock, OR there is none of the Anchor volume's block to place OR the Anchor volume block matches the filter OR the Master volume block matches the filter then the block will not be altered.
  • The Reality Master will use your inventory plus the designated chest inventories in the rune in order to destroy and/or place the appropriate blocks in its designated volume. It will preferentially use the containers in the rune (priority being W>E>S>N), and then the inventory of the player who activated it, if all inventories are full it will simple drop the blocks above the center of the rune.
  • Only the Advanced Reality Master can manipulate T1-T7 blocks.

Uses: Unlimited.


"This Reality Master is already active!" - This Reality Master is already running.

"Such an Anchor does not exist." - A Reality Anchor with that signature cannot be found.

"The Anchor is not powerful enough to hold this much space!" - The tier used for the connected Reality Anchor is too low for the volume defined.



 - runecraft.runes.advancedrealitymaster
 - runecraft.runes.advancedrealitymaster.use

Disabled-runes.txt String:

 advanced reality master