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Materials: 20 Redstone Wires, 4 Redstone Torches, 12 Iron Blocks, 5 Emerald blocks, plus 16 Tier Blocks and 4 Signature Blocks.

Rune pattern


Effect: Creates a reference volume to be used with Reality Master. Volume is dependent on tier used, and roughly corresponds to a box containing that tier faith ship. However, this volume does not need to be a cube.

Uses: Unlimited.

The Reality Anchor allows you to define a customizable volume of blocks, for later building with the associated Reality Master rune. Once activated, the rune will reshape, moving the central five emeralds to positions around the rune (NSEW and above). These "Anchor" blocks can be moved in a straight line, towards or away from the rune, by right-clicking them with a tool. They cannot move through solid objects, nor beyond a set distance from the rune center that varies according to the tier.

Max Distance from Center:

 Tier 1: 15
 Tier 2: 20
 Tier 3: 25
 Tier 4: 30
 Tier 5: 35
 Tier 6: 50
 Tier 7: 100

Maximum Volume:

 Tier 1: 93, or 729 m3
 Tier 2: 133, or 2 197 m3
 Tier 3: 233, or 12 167 m3
 Tier 4: 273, or 19 683 m3
 Tier 5: 303, or 27 000 m3
 Tier 6: 473, or 103 823 m3
 Tier 7: 500000 m3


"This signature already has been used. Try another." - Another player already has a Reality Anchor with this signature.

"Something interferes." - Another rune's magic is already here.

"The Aether will not allow you to cheat." - You cannot be in Creative to activate this rune.



 - runecraft.runes.realityanchor
 - runecraft.runes.realityanchor.use

Disabled-runes.txt String:

 reality anchor