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Materials: 4 Lava, 8 Glass, 12 Redstone Wires, 1 Gold Block

Rune pattern


Effect: When activated, the Solar Flare will destroy material in a radius of 10 blocks around it (not counting the center block). Variable amounts of fire, gunpowder, and coal will be created, and the rune will destroy blocks up to 3 layers deep.

Notes from the Developers: When casting this rune under water it will make a rather large hole in the ocean till 7 layers above where the rune was active.

Uses: Single use, unless used very far below sea level.

The Solar Flare is the first secret rune. SuperLlama gave this hint for it: "it's very similar to the freezer rune, but more 'evil' looking. In addition, the gold ore isn't ore anymore"

Warning: This rune is dangerous. Do not use it in a town or building.


"You need a clear path to the sun." - The center of the rune can't have any overhead obstructions.



 - runecraft.runes.solarflare
 - runecraft.runes.solarflare.use

Disabled-runes.txt String:

 solar flare