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Materials: 13 Tier Blocks, 4 Snow Block, and 4 Signature Blocks.

Rune pattern


Effect: Creates a designator to designate which blocks are Spleef Blocks. Left click to create a block with your designator. After designated you can make any individual block disappear by hitting/ right clicking it, as with a normal Toggle Block. However, the only way to bring them back into phase with the real world, is by using a Lock Block with the same signature, that is connected to them. Lock blocks will still toggle all lock/spleef blocks that it is connected to.

Tool: Any non-block item.

Uses: Based on energy.

Energy Cost: 1 Snow Block worth of energy.


"There is already magic here that interferes." - Another rune's magic is already present at this location.



 - runecraft.runes.spleefblockdesignator
 - runecraft.runes.spleefblockdesignator.use

Disabled-runes.txt String:

 spleef block