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Materials: 1 Gold Block, 4 Iron Blocks, and 4 Tier Blocks.

Rune pattern


Effect: Flips all blocks within a certain radius depending on the teir blocks. The central gold block is not included in the following radii listings. [right click the gold block again to normalize]

 Tier 1: 4 block radius
 Tier 2: 6 block radius
 Tier 3: 7 block radius
 Tier 4: 8 block radius
 Tier 5: 10 block radius
 Tier 6: 11 block radius
 Tier 7: 23 block radius

Uses: Unlimited

Video: Runecraft 101: Topsy Turvy Things

It is possible to make a Topsy Turvy elevator using two of the runes, one directly above the other with enough space in between to hold a person. This technique is only possible with a tier 2 block or higher used in its construction.

This rune operates similar to Faith in that its area of effect is a sphere determined by the tier of the signature rune used.

The landmass around the rune can be flipped vertically or horizontally depending on the facing of the rune, although the relative configurations are identical.


"This spell may not remove materials from the mortal plane." - You can't flip and move materials outside of the world bounds.

"Topsy Turvy cannot move bedrock." - The rune cannot move bedrock.



 - runecraft.runes.topsyturvy
 - runecraft.runes.topsyturvy.use

Disabled-runes.txt String:

 topsy turvy