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Materials: 4 Lapis Lazuli Blocks and 5 End Stone.

Rune pattern


Effect: There are two variations depending on the tool that was used to create it:

  1. Transmutation Rod, when activated with a Blaze Rod it will enchant the rod so that it will place a block, when you right click with it. [the block it uses is the one to the right of the rod in the hotbar.]
  2. Transmutation Disk, when activation with a Gold Music Disk, it will create a disk of blocks (with radius being the stack size up to a max of 23). [the radius is defined by checking the size of the stack of items directly to the right of the disk in the hotbar]

Tool: A Blaze Rod or Gold Music Disk.

Energy Cost: Consumes the base block energy of the block(s) placed. It will also charge for all permitted items within a Shulker Box

The block it places is the block that is on the slot (in the Hotbar) to the right of the rod/disk.


"You cannot break Bedrock!" - This rune cannot replace/break bedrock.

"We cannot allow you to make this big of a radius." - The maximum stack size is 23.



 - runecraft.runes.transmutationdisc
 - runecraft.runes.transmutationrod
 - runecraft.runes.transmutation.use


Disabled-runes.txt String: