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 teleport: true
 runes: true
 compass-old-north: false
 recall-weakness: false

The teleport and runes permissions settings determines the default setting of the teleport and runes permissions. If these are false, players must be explicitly given permission in order to use Runecraft.

Compass-old-north addresses mojangs' change of the direction the sun rises in. The compass rune is currently the only one effected. i.e. vertical teleporters are done the same orientation either way.

The recall rune will optionally apply a temporary weakness effect if recall-weakness is true.


This file is located in the server root directory both for vanilla and bukkit versions of runecraft. Lines starting with "#" are comments, and are ignored.

Initially, it contains:

 # If you wish to disable a rune, list its proper name in this file.
 # This is the name printed when the rune is activated.
 # If you wish to use a whitelist instead, uncomment this line:
 # whitelist
 # list the name of a player to ban them from using magic (except existing teleporters).
 # here are some extra options you can add to the list:
 # enable travel ink - force teleporters and waypoints to be made of a specific material
 # ink X - dermine the block type (X) to use for travel ink-- you must add this if you add the above
 # enable teleport toll - force users of teleporters to sacrifice a specific block in the center
 # toll X - determine the block type (X) to use for travel toll-- you must add this if you add the above
 # enable multiworld travel - allows teleportation between worlds in bukkit.
 # initiation - players cannot use runes until they activate a special rune containing bedrock
 # judgement - allows the creation of the altar of judgement, allowing players to modify disabled-runes ingame.
 # salvation - Saves a faith island to a file in the main world folder.
 # redemption - loads a faith island from a file in the main world folder.
 # signature assignments - Enables TP/Automation signature restrictions.
 # Define them like this: (3 spaces)
 #    name,north,east,south,west 
 #    SuperLlama,35,37,*,* 
 #    Zeerix,35,38,4,* 
 #    Ctri,*,122,4,* 
 #    *,*,*,*  (for the default assignment group)
 # These all stack, allowing multiple sig groups per person.
 # World Groups - Enables the restriction of TPs/FTPs/Zeerix Chest to a collection of worlds.
 # Define the group like this, based on world folder name.
 # WorldGroup world, world_nether, world_the_end
 # WorldGroup creative, creative_2 
 # With this enabled, worlds ungrouped will be freely accessible by other ungrouped worlds. 
 # use MultiGroupInk to define teleport/FTP/etc inks that can escape world groups 
 # MultiGroupInk 57 (would allow diamond runes to travel freely) 
 # MultiGroupInk 7 (would allow bedrock runes to travel freely) 
 # use MultiGroupRune to define teleport/FTP/etc runes can escape world groups 
 # MultiGroupRune recall (would allow recall rune to travel freely) 
 # --Below comes an auto generated list of rune names. Simply remove the # to disable that rune --
 # --(or if you have 'whitelist' enabled, to enable them)-- 

Adding this line helps bridge master and wall master runes play nicely with some anti-cheat and world protection mods.

enable mastery bypass protection

Activates the faith island save-to-disk and restore-from-disk runes. These runes are disabled by default, and so listing them in disabled-runes has the opposite effect it would on, say, powerpick.


In addition to enabling multiworld travel, you may specify a block (or "ink") that the teleporter must be made of for multiworld travel to work.

enable multiworld travel
enable multiworld ink
#112 is netherbrick
multiworld ink 112

See Rune Names List for a full list of exact rune names.


If a player has the teleport permissions, but not runes, they will only be able to use pre-existing teleporters, and not create any new runes of their own. They'll still be able to destroy them, of course.


Each individual type of rune has an associated "runecraft.runes.<rune_name>" permissions node, like this:


Note that spaces are removed, and it's not capitalized.

Here is a partial list of permissions. All of these have been tested with Privileges and seem to work. For single word runes a single line is sufficient. For multi-word runes you must use two permissions. The first which uses spaces between the words and the second ".use" permission which has no spaces. Note, some names do not actually correspond with the names this wiki uses.

Missing permissions are: Magic Cake Uncrafter Secret Panel Force Field Lightning Trap Prometheus Spider Touch

Please share if you know the permissions for these.

   - runecraft.runes.pegasus
   - runecraft.runes.compass
   - runecraft.runes.recall
   - runecraft.runes.mound
   - runecraft.runes.freezer
   - runecraft.runes.flotilla
   - runecraft.runes.identifier
   - runecraft.runes.initiation
   - runecraft.runes.truenameward
   - runecraft.runes.dispell
   - runecraft.runes.mineshaft
   - runecraft.runes.endurance
   - runecraft.runes.shield
   - runecraft.runes.engraver
   - runecraft.runes.ovicaptor
   - runecraft.runes.waypoint
   - runecraft.runes.lightpick
   - runecraft.runes.lightshovel
   - runecraft.runes.lightaxe
   - runecraft.runes.lightsword
   - runecraft.runes.embedder
   - runecraft.runes.teleporter
   - runecraft.runes.pyrokinesis
   - runecraft.runes.accelerator
   - runecraft.runes.faithpoint
   - runecraft.runes.depth note
   - runecraft.runes.depthnote.use
   - runecraft.runes.warp zone
   - runecraft.runes.warpzone.use
   - runecraft.runes.surface tension
   - runecraft.runes.surfacetension.use
   - runecraft.runes.bottomless cauldron
   - runecraft.runes.bottomlesscauldron.use
   - runecraft.runes.phantom torch
   - runecraft.runes.phantomtorch.use
   - runecraft.runes.power drill
   - runecraft.runes.powerdrill.use
   - runecraft.runes.leaf blower
   - runecraft.runes.leafblower.use
   - pick
   - runecraft.runes.icepick.use
   - pick
   - runecraft.runes.firepick.use
   - thumb
   - runecraft.runes.greenthumb.use
   - charm
   - runecraft.runes.farmerscharm.use
   - runecraft.runes.gravel shovel
   - runecraft.runes.gravelshovel.use
   - runecraft.runes.butterfingers counter curse
   - runecraft.runes.butterfingerscountercurse.use
   - runecraft.runes.babel counter curse
   - runecraft.runes.babelcountercurse.use
   - runecraft.runes.poweraxe
   - runecraft.runes.poweraxe.use
   - runecraft.runes.power pick
   - runecraft.runes.powerpick.use
   - runecraft.runes.powershovel
   - runecraft.runes.powershovel.use
   - runecraft.runes.personal teleporter
   - runecraft.runes.personalteleporter.use
   - runecraft.runes.zeerix chest
   - runecraft.runes.zeerixchest.use
   - runecraft.runes.chrono trigger
   - runecraft.runes.chronotrigger.use
   - runecraft.runes.magic lasso
   - runecraft.runes.magiclasso.use
   - runecraft.runes.magic beacon
   - runecraft.runes.magicbeacon.use
   - runecraft.runes.cold feet
   - runecraft.runes.coldfeet.use
   - runecraft.runes.fairy boots
   - runecraft.runes.fairyboots.use
   - runecraft.runes.water pick
   - runecraft.runes.waterpick.use
   - runecraft.runes.underwater pick
   - runecraft.runes.underwaterpick.use
   - runecraft.runes.underwater shovel
   - runecraft.runes.underwatershovel.use
   - runecraft.runes.bow of light
   - runecraft.runes.bowoflight.use
   - runecraft.runes.enchantment swap
   - runecraft.runes.enchantmentswap.use
   - runecraft.runes.spleef blocks
   - runecraft.runes.spleefblocks.use
   - runecraft.runes.hidden passage
   - runecraft.runes.hiddenpassage.use
   - runecraft.runes.touch hex
   - runecraft.runes.touchhex.use
   - runecraft.runes.whisper
   - runecraft.runes.babel curse
   - runecraft.runes.babelcurse.use
   - runecraft.runes.true name
   - runecraft.runes.truename.use
   - runecraft.runes.void ward
   - runecraft.runes.voidward.use
   - runecraft.runes.aether ward
   - runecraft.runes.aetherward.use
   - runecraft.runes.tool ward
   - runecraft.runes.toolward.use
   - runecraft.runes.wall master
   - runecraft.runes.wallmaster.use
   - runecraft.runes.bridge master
   - runecraft.runes.bridgemaster.use
   - runecraft.runes.teleport ward
   - runecraft.runes.teleportward.use
   - runecraft.runes.lava gel
   - runecraft.runes.lava gel.use
   - runecraft.runes.topsy turvy
   - runecraft.runes.topsyturvy.use
   - runecraft.runes.spring string
   - runecraft.runes.springstring.use
   - runecraft.runes.divers helmet
   - runecraft.runes.divershelmet.use
   - runecraft.runes.force field
   - runecraft.runes.forcefield.use
   - runecraft.runes.bow of translocation
   - runecraft.runes.bowoftranslocation.use
   - sword
   - runecraft.runes.firesword.use
   - runecraft.runes.phase blocks
   - runecraft.runes.phaseblocks.use
   - runecraft.runes.toggle blocks
   - runecraft.runes.toggleblocks.use
   - runecraft.runes.lock blocks
   - runecraft.runes.lockblocks.use
   - runecraft.runes.automation designator
   - runecraft.runes.automationdesignator.use
   - sensor
   - runecraft.runes.redstonesensor.use
   - runecraft.runes.sticky redstone sensor
   - runecraft.runes.stickyredstonesensor.use
   - runecraft.runes.pressure sensor
   - runecraft.runes.pressuresensor.use
   - runecraft.runes.damage sensor
   - runecraft.runes.damagesensor.use
   - runecraft.runes.block sensor
   - runecraft.runes.blocksensor.use
   - runecraft.runes.portal hex
   - runecraft.runes.portalhex.use
   - runecraft.runes.damage hex
   - runecraft.runes.damagehex.use
   - runecraft.runes.mouse trap
   - runecraft.runes.mousetrap.use
   - runecraft.runes.butterfingers curse
   - runecraft.runes.butterfingerscurse.use
   - transfer
   - runecraft.runes.faithtransfer.use
   - flare
   - runecraft.runes.solarflare.use