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Materials: 4 Tier Blocks, 8 Wool, 8 Redstone Wire, and 1 Paper

Rune pattern


Tool: Paper

Effect: Once absorbed, it can be used to establish the depth of the block stack it is activated on. It's useful for finding empty caverns, or to avoid digging into empty space. When the paper is used, it produces a message in chat that tells how many blocks are underneath the target until Air or the bottom of the map is reached.

Uses: Unlimited


"Water swells and flushes the paper. The bleeding ink shows the number X." - There is water X blocks beneath you.

"The paper has caught fire. The number X appears from the smoke." - There is lava X blocks beneath you.

"The digit X appears on the paper", "Some digits appear on the paper. You read the number X." - There is air X blocks beneath you.

"The paper turns ink-black." - There is no empty space beneath you.



- runecraft.runes.depthnote
- runecraft.runes.depthnote.use

Disabled-runes.txt Depth Note:

depth note