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Materials: 5 Soul Sand, 4 Tier Blocks, 1 Off Redstone Torch.

Rune pattern


Effect: Removes faith magic from a faith island, basically un-faiths an island.

Uses: Single use.

Warning: This will NOT drop the island back into the ground, this will simply disenchant it from being a "faith island" and leave it as-is.

The tier blocks must match the faith tier. The Doubt center (center block on the layer 0) must be the center of the faith. You need a redstone torch below the center soulsand in order to get the redstone torch to be in the off state.


Your Doubt is misplaced. - You're not currently on a faith island.

Your Doubt is not of the appropriate strength. - The tier of your Doubt does not match the tier of your Faith.



 - runecraft.runes.doubt
 - runecraft.runes.doubt.use

Disabled-runes.txt String: