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Materials: 5 Gold Blocks, 5 Tier Blocks (4 for radius, 1 for lift, which can be T0 for no lift).

Rune pattern


Effect: Creates a "faith island" out of the land in which you've made the rune in the center of, whose radius depends on the tier of block used on the bottom layer. The island will not teleport to the sky until a pegasus rune is created and used on the island.

Uses: Single use.

Diameter = 2 × Radius + 1

 T1: 4 block radius
 T2: 6 block radius
 T3: 8 block radius
 T4: 11 block radius
 T5: 12 block radius
 T6: 13 block radius
 T7: 23 block radius

The top tier block need not be identical to the lower four. The tier of the top block determines the height lifted, while the lower four determine the radius (as above). Heights correspond as follows: (note, said height is block level at the top of the island)

 T1: 100
 T2: 136
 T3: 172
 T4: 208
 T5: 208
 T6: 208
 T7: 256

The center block is the signature block on the top row of the diagram. For example, using tier 1, the island will be 4 blocks out in all six ordinal directions from the center block - N/S/E/W, up/down. When creating this rune, building the bottom layer on top ground level will result in the middle of the island being at eye level.

Video: Tutorial Video

Did you know? Faith was the second hidden rune in Runecraft, added via donation submission from bp2008.


This area cannot rise any further. – The rune is too close to the sky limit to move up.

Your faith is not strong enough to break the ceiling. – There are blocks directly above the rune.

Your faith is not strong enough to pass the obstacles. – there are blocks above the center height of the rune, but not directly above it, that it cannot move.

The aether has rejected your greedy request... - The area to be moved contains another block which cannot currently be moved by the faith rune.

Faith can move mountains but not the bedrock below it. - Rune too close to lower map limit.




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