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Materials: 24 Tier Blocks, 5 Gold Blocks, 4 Signature Blocks.


Effect: Creates a teleporter to move faith islands to a Faithpoint or Genesis anchor point.

Uses: Unlimited


The land around you is not stable enough to travel - The rune is currently not on a faith island.

This land is already moving! - This Faith island is already being moved by a Faith Transfer Portal, or a Pegasus.

You cannot invoke teleportation. - You don't have permission to teleport.

You have not specified a destination. - There is no Faithpoint that matches this Faith Transfer Portal's signature.

Your way has been barred from the other side.- The Faithpoint that you are attempting to go to is/was broken and not reinitialized

There is a Teleportation Ward enveloping this rune. It cannot move the Faith island. - There is a Teleportation Ward nearby preventing you from teleporting.

This spell may not remove materials from the mortal plane. - You cannot move your Faith island outside of the world bounds.

There is a Teleportation ward at your destination preventing teleportation. - There is a Teleportation Ward near your destination preventing you from teleporting.

The Aether demands that this rune be made with a different material! - This material has been banned for Faith Transfer Portals.

Such a destination has not been opened. - A Faithpoint or Genesis Anchor Point with this signature doesn't exist.

The destination is too weak to support this. - The signature points to a non-supported waypoint for travel. It must be a Faithpoint or a Genesis anchor point.

The distance to the destination is too large or you are too Creative. - This rune cannot be activated while in creative.

There are obstacles in your path. - There's a block within the area your Faith island would go if it teleported.



 - runecraft.runes.faithtransferportal
 - runecraft.runes.faithtransferportal.use

Disabled-runes.txt String:

 faith transfer portal