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Materials: 8 Iron Blocks, 1 Gold Block, 12 Tier Blocks.

Rune pattern

Effect: Moves the faith the rune is placed on, in the direction opposing to where fuel is placed. The distance moved is equal to the (Rune Tier)^2 * (Fuel Tier).

Tool: Tier Block

Uses: Based on Energy.

This rune can be activated remotely; if linked to a damage sensor, punching the damage sensor with a block will have the same effect as feeding that block to the pegasus rune, from the same direction you activated the sensor from..


The land around you is not stable enough to travel. - The rune currently is not placed on a Faith island.

This land is already moving! - The Faith island is already moving from another rune.

There is a ward enveloping this rune. It cannot move the Faith Island. - There is a Teleportation Ward near the Faith Island.

The Aether nearby is too tense! - There is another Faith island moving nearby.

Activate this rune with a fuel block, or having placed fuel in a slot! - Activate this rune with a Tier Block.

There is a Teleportation Ward at your destination preventing Teleportation - There is a Teleportation Ward where you're trying to move to.

This spell may not remove materials from the mortal plane. - You cannot move your Faith island out of the world bounds.

An unknown force is preventing you from moving to there. - Something is preventing you from moving your Faith to this location. (usually mobs)

There are obstacles in your path. - There's a block in the area your Faith island would go.



 - runecraft.runes.pegasus
 - runecraft.runes.pegasus.use

Disabled-runes.txt String: