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Materials: 12 Tier Blocks, 4 Gold Blocks, 4 Signature Blocks

Rune pattern


Effect: Writes a faith into a book, right clicking with that book into any block will attempt to summon a copy of the faith. If cast outside a faith it will try to enchant the book to summon the faith on the signature given if there is such faith.

Tool: Book

Uses: Single use.

Energy Cost: Cost of summoning every block in the faith plus all the items inside all chests.

If you throw the book into the fire it will no longer be possible to summon the faith inscribed in it, even if there are several copies of that book. Burning 1 book invalidates all of them.

The tier of the rune must be equal or greater than the tier of the faith it was cast in, even when casting outside a faith.


You need to use a book - You must activate this rune with a Book

This book has no pages left to be written. - A Faith island is already saved to this book.

The Aether made a mistake while writing your Faith. - There was a problem saving the faith to a file. (Notify your server administrator)

This land is moving! - This island is currently being moved by another rune.

This Signature has already been used. Try another one. - Another player has already used this signature.

The land around you is not stable enough to be written. Or the signature and/or tier you used to load an existing Rubrik is invalid. - The rune is not currently on a Faith island, or a Rubrik'd Faith with that signature doesn't exist.

"The Aether will not accept this little offering for such big work. - Your Rubrik must be equal to or greater than the tier of your Faith. This one isn't.



 - runecraft.runes.rubrik
 - runecraft.runes.rubrik.use

Disabled-runes.txt String: