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Materials: 1 Gold Block, 4 Tier Blocks (for the radius of the shell), 8 Signature Blocks (for the material of the shell), 6 Glass, and 8 End Rods.

Rune pattern


Effect: Creates a shell for your Faith island out of the given material. Tier must be the same as your Faith to enclose it.

Uses: Based on Energy.

Energy Cost: Equal to that of the material energy * the number of blocks placed.

Instructions: Since the gold block is the activation point for this rune, it must be activated using Automation. Left click the gold block with an Automation Designator before completing the pattern, then activate it with another sensor on the same signature.


All Shell blocks need to be of the same material. - The signature blocks must all be the same material.

A Shell cannot be made out of air. - The signature blocks cannot be air.

This shell needs no repairs. - Your Shell has no holes, and is complete.

There is an obstacle made of <block> at <location> - There's another block at these coordinates that is preventing your shell material from being placed.

You cannot move materials beyond the realm of mortals. - Your shell cannot build materials outside of the world bounds.

An unknown force is fixing the block of <block> at <location> - You don't have permission to break at this location.

An unknown force is not letting you place a block of <block> at <location> - You don't have permission to place at this location.




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