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Materials: 164 Iron Blocks, 91 Stone, 68 Redstone, 16 Diamond Blocks, 1 TNT, 1 Fire, 1 Obsidian, 1 Clay Block, or End Stone, or Netherrack, 1 Beacon, 1Quartz Block, 1 Glowstone, 1 Water, 1 Dragon Egg, and 4 Signature Blocks.

Rune pattern


Effect: Creates a void dimension with a waypoint and beacon in it where you can build whatever you like. Depending on if Clay Block, End Stone, or Netherrack are used determines the type of dimension you create. Clay will create a regular dimension, Netherrack creates a Nether dimension. End Stone creates an End dimension. Th dimension type does determine which types of mobs spawn there. The Ender Dragon will not spawn in an End dimension, however.

Uses: Infinite (only 1 dimension per player is ever created, if activated after the dimension is already created it will simply change the signature).

  • The iron blocks can be replaced with any material that can power the beacon, such as Diamond Blocks, Emerald Blocks or Gold Blocks.
  • The dimension can be destroyed and closed by breaking one of the anchor blocks, or the beacon. Only an OP or the dimension owner can destroy the anchor.


"The Aether has no idea what type of world you're trying to create." - You must use a Clay Block, End Stone, or Netherrack to define the dimension type.

"The Aether requires a fully powered beacon to anchor your new dimension." - Your beacon must be fully powered to activate the rune.

"<player>'s Genesis is quickly losing stability." - The Genesis you're in has had the base broken, and is about to be reclaimed by the Aether.

"Replace the broken anchor block to maintain your Genesis." - Replace the anchor block broken (part of the beacon base or beacon itself) to cancel the destruction countdown.

"The Aether has reclaimed a dimension." - The Genesis dimension you were in has been destroyed, and reclaimed by the Aether.


"Your Genesis has been closed." - Your Genesis dimension has been destroyed, and reclaimed by the Aether.



 - runecraft.runes.genesis
 - runecraft.runes.genesis.use

Disabled-runes.txt String: