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== Rune System Sections of the Wiki =={| class="wikitable sortable"! Section! Description|-| nowrap="nowrap"| [[Runes]]| '''Runes List''' is a general section for Runecraft Runes. It provides:
The modification* Templates of each known rune* Information about each rune* Administrative sections|-| nowrap="nowrap"| [[Tiers]]| '''Tiers'''s functionality is handled with a list of all default tier blocks, their level, and their use in Runecraft |-| nowrap="runesnowrap" that players build as structures in | [[Energy]]| '''Energy System''' is a section dedicated to the game world out energy system of Runecraft |-| nowrap="nowrap"| [[Configuration]]| '''Configuration''' is a section for installation, configuration, and customization of inRunecraft |-game resources. | nowrap="nowrap"| [[Removed Runes]]| '''Removed Runes are predefined patterns ''' is a list of blocks arranged all runes removed in each version of Runecraft |-| nowrap="nowrap"| [[Versions]]| '''Version History''' is a square list of odd dimensions (e.g. 5x5 blocks) which the modification will recognize all versions and, when the central block changes made to Runecraft |-| nowrap="nowrap"| [[Servers]]| '''Runecraft Servers''' is a list of all known servers currently running Runecraft |-| nowrap="nowrap"| [[Editing]]| '''Editing Help''' is used with a tool, trigger the corresponding effect on general guideline for contributing to this wiki following the player, tool, or surrounding area.standardized layout |}
== Energy ==
<small>''Note:'' Server admins may change which tier a material is as of runecraft 2.11. See disabled-runes.txt for details.</small>
== Runes List ==
Looking for the list of Runes and their templates? The [[Runes|list of runes]] now has its own page.
== Removed Runes ==

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