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Runecraft was the third SMP mod ever developed, being originally released on August 28, 2010 by creator SuperLlama and is still actively maintained by RivkiinShadows, Amuxix, lvletei. Old developers were Ctri, Zeerix, Josiah42, Hero5th, and Der_niabs.
== Links ==
* [ Offical Runecraft website (Cerberus Studios)]
* [ Official Runecraft Forums]
* [ Official Runecraft Discord]
* [ Bukkit dev page]
* [ Spigot resources page]
== Sections of the Wiki ==
== Energy Links ==Runes and items created by them (Shield Weapons / Fire Pick / Hell Maw / etc.) all require energy to use or activate. Energy is gained through the creation of runes that are consumed on use and by throwing items into lava or a fire within 10 Blocks of you. (Note: The closest person to the burning item will receive energy, regardless of who threw the item.) Different items have different runic value energies. Common blocks such as dirt and cobblestone only grant one energy per block, whereas a single diamond grants hundreds. Consuming or incinerating the same item type gives diminishing returns; each time you incinerate the same type of item in a row, the runic energy reward is reduced by a certain percent. The energy reward cannot be reduced below 1. You can reverse the penalty by sacrificing different item types; each time you sacrifice an item of a different type, the penalty for all other item types is reduced. The cost of using any given rune can vary depending on several factors - the number of blocks modified by a rune, the distance teleported, the tier of the blocks used to create the rune (if it uses tier blocks), et cetera. == Runecraft Servers == You can add your own server to this list if it runs runecraft. The official server can be found at * [ Kendria]indexHere is a list of other php Offical Runecraft servers:* [ Minecraft Omegawebsite (Cerberus Studios)]* [http://wwwrunecraft.anembraarcanestudios.comnet/ Anembra Minecraft]* [http:forums// Swisscraft]* [ MatecraftOfficial Runecraft Forums]* [https://titanium-gamingdiscord.netgg/ Titanium GamingwhFecwX Official Runecraft Discord]* [http://wwwdev.pdxmcbukkit.comorg/ PDX Minecraft]* [http:bukkit-plugins/runecraft/ WorldStone OriginsBukkit dev page]* [ PotterCraft]* [http://www.facelandspigotmc.infoorg/ Faceland]* [ Kingdom Eternal] == Building Runes == Runes are constructed as a pattern of odd dimensions (such as 3x3x3 or 5x5x1 blocks). Stone (but '''not''' cobblestone), dirt, and other "tier zero" blocks can be used to fill "blank" spaces in the pattern. The material the rune is constructed out of determines the rune's "tier". Higher tiers make the rune more powerful.  <small>''Note:'' Note not all runes can be affected by tier.</small> Runes are activated by using (right-click by default) the central block, or the floor below with any [[Tools|Tool]]. Different runes often have specific activation requirements. Shovel runes must be clicked on with a shovel, while teleporters can be activated with an empty hand. = Tiers = Most vanilla ''Minecraft'' blocks may be used in the construction of runes. Each block has been assigned a tier value based on their rarity and difficulty to obtain, which affects the potency of the rune. Consult [[{{FULLPAGENAMEE}}resources/Tier_Block|tier block]] for a partial list of tiered materials. <small>''Note:'' Server admins may change which tier a material is as of runecraft 2.11. See disabled-runes.txt for details.</small> == Removed Runes ==Looking for a rune you're sure you remember from an earlier version of Runecraft? Some runes get removed between versions. The [[39771/Removed Runes|list of removed runes]] now has its own Spigot resources page. = Configuration = The mod configuration information is on [[Configuration|Configuration]= Version History = Version History can be found [[Version_History|Here]] = Editing This Page = If you want to edit this page with any new information please try to follow the 'template' being used on the rest of the runecraft pages. [[Editing help|Here]] is a small tutorial on how to use the templates for runes.

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