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----Runecraft is a gameplay modification for Bukkit and Spigot that adds magic in the form of runes which can be . They are constructed with blocks in the actual game world, creating short-term various enchantments with a variety multitude of functionsfunctionality. From moving islands of earth to travelling large distances, Runecraft has many unique properties to explore! What makes Runecraft so wildly different from other Bukkit/Spigot mods is simply the face fact that Runecraft has no client-side interfaces such as commands or special clients! That means that you don't need to type-- all you need to do is build.
Runecraft was the third SMP mod ever developed and released publicallypublicly, being originally released on August 28, 2010, by creator SuperLlama. It is still actively maintained by RivkiinShadows and lvletei. Previous developers were C'tri, Zeerix, Josiah42, Hero5th, Der_niabs, and Amuxix.
If you are just starting out Runecraft, be sure to start out with the <span class="plainlinks">[ Initiation] rune.
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==Tiers & Energy==
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Runecraft has a unique system of powering and using runes in Runecraft.
*The <span class="plainlinks">[ Tiers] are what structures amplify your runes, what allows allowing you to perform epic feats based on what the materials you use.*While <span class="plainlinks">[ Energy] allows you to power powers your runes and keep them chugging along in whatever they are doingis consumed to maintain their effects
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==Links & Tools==
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If you would like to check out the development, here are the
Here are some external links related to the community and development pages. We also have an active discord where you can connect with the developers and community:*[httphttps://llamadiscord.cerberusstudios.netgg/runecraft/index.php Offical ajSYTKQ Official Runecraft website (Cerberus Studios)Discord]
*[ Official Runecraft Forums]
*[https Official runecraft/index.php Offical Runecraft Discordwebsite (Cerberus Studios)](Inactive)
*[ Bukkit dev page]
*[ Spigot resources page]
Additionally, here are the <span class="plainlinks">[ version history], <span class="plainlinks">[ configuration guide], and also the list of <span class="plainlinks">[ servers] currently utilizing Runecraft!
If you would like to contribute to the Runecraft Wiki, consider visiting please visit the <span class="plainlinks">[ documentation] pagefor guidance.

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