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Here are some external links related to the community and development pages. We also have an active discord where you can connect with the developers and community:
*[ Official Runecraft Discord]
*[ Official Runecraft Forums]
*[ Spigot resources page]
== Contribution ==
Additionally, here are the <span class="plainlinks">[ version history], <span class="plainlinks">[ configuration guide], and list of <span class="plainlinks">[ servers] currently utilizing Runecraft!
The wiki is currently undergoing changes and maintenance by [[User:SandSurfer|SandSurfer]]. If you would like to contribute wish to help out you can contact him on Discord at ''pro re nata#9782'' or you can message him on the Runecraft Wikiwiki. Or if you know you stuff, please visit the <span class="plainlinks">[ documentation] page for guidance.

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