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Most vanilla Minecraft blocks may be used in the construction of runes. Each block has been assigned a tier value based on their rarity and difficulty to obtain, which affects the potency of the rune.

Note: Server admins may change which tier a material is as of runecraft 2.11. See disabled-runes.txt for details.

Tier Block

Materials that may be used in the construction of runes have been assigned tier values based on their rarity and difficulty to obtain, the tier affects the potency of the rune. This chart lists some of the materials tier.

These blocks, when used to build a rune, are referred to as the tier blocks. Other blocks used in construction of a rune may be key blocks, signature blocks, and specific blocks. Key blocks are generally required every time an existing rune is activated. Signature blocks are used in a pattern to link specific sets of runes together. Some runes also require specific blocks, most commonly redstone wire and gold blocks.

As of Runecraft 2.11, server admins may change the tier of any block by adding "tier <Data Value> <0-7>" to disabled-runes.txt. If you go past tier 7 the block will not be usable in runes, unlike T7, having such blocks in empty spaces of a rune pattern will prevent the rune from working.

For instance, "tier 55 6" makes redstone tier 6, and "tier 57 0" makes diamond blocks tier 0. "tier 50 2" makes torches tier 2, and "tier 49 4" makes obsidian tier 4.

Also of note is that Runecraft only distinguishes between meta-data when a signature is involved, so a rune can be constructed out of different colors of wool, half-steps, etc... AND use wool of different color patterns to create different waypoints. e.g. a teleport using all white wool signature blocks will link to a different place than any other combination of wool colors. This is allows for such things using the color wool in one signature position to denote the owner of that rune.

Using the Identifier rune, you can figure out the tier of a block. Read the description on the actual page.


Bedrock never gets consumed when using it in runes making reusable runes.

Using TNT as a tier block is not advisable for runes using redstone torches in proximity as the redstone torches will set off the TNT.

Runecraft ignores Tier 0, so having Tier 0 or not having a block is the same thing.

Tiered Block Chart

Tier Blocks

Piston Moving Piece


Wooden Plank


Command Block


Stone Brick

Prismarine Sea Lantern




Chainmail Leggings

Silver Shulker Box Grey Shulker Box

Hoppe Minecart
Iron Block Chainmail Helmet Gold Spade

Speckled Melon
Chainmail Boots

Cauldron Item Explosive Minecart

Record 9 Record 8 Record 7 Record 6 Record 5 Record 4 Record 3 Record 12 Record 11 Record 10
Green Record Gold Record Gold Barding Storage Minecart
Powered Minecart

Coal Block Quartz Block

Melon Block Hay Block
Milk Bucket

Daylight Detector Daylight Detector Inverted

Sea Lantern


Lapis Ore

Exp Bottle Water Lily Diamond Barding Emerald Block

Diamond Spade

Gold Plate
Chainmail Chestplate Web


Emerald Block Monster Eggs