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Materials: 8 Tier Blocks, 4 Hoppers, 4 Signature Blocks, and 1 Chest.


Effect: The Frieght Teleporter is used to send items from one place to another. This is used in conjunction with Freightpoint. You can put a hopper on top of the chest as well as the corners next to the other hoppers.

Uses: Unlimited

Instructions: When a Freightpoint is setup and linked (matching signatures and both activated), place items in the chest of the Freight Teleporter. Right click again after the items have been placed to transport them to your linked Freightpoint.


You cannot teleport the items. - You are in Creative mode.

You have not specified a destination. - You need to put in Signature Blocks that link to the Freightpoint.

The Aether could not find anything to send! The Aether couldn't send any items! - The chest is empty.

Such a destination has not been opened. - The Signature is not active. Make sure that your Signature in the Freightpoint matches the one you are making in your Freight Teleporter.

The distance to the destination World is too large. - Multiworld Travel is disabled.

Your destination is not able to receive items! - The Signature you are sending this to is not a Freightpoint.



 - runecraft.runes.freightteleporter
 - runecraft.runes.freightteleporter.use

Disabled-runes.txt String:

 freight teleporter