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Materials: 8 Tier Blocks, 4 Signature Blocks, 4 Redstone Torches, and 1 Chest.


Effect: This rune creates a point in space in which a player or items can be sent to. This is used mainly with Freight Teleporters. You can put a hopper under the chest for automatic sorting.

Uses: Unlimited

Instructions: Place the Freightpoint down, and activate. Create a Freight Teleporter with a matching signature, then activate it as well. Once they're activated and linked, use the Freight Teleporter to transport items.


This Signature already has been used. Try another. - Another Waypoint/Freightpoint/Faithpoint/Genesis has the Signature.

The Aether demands that this rune be made with a different material! - The server has set an ink to be used on the server. Ask your admin.

This Freightpoint is already established. - The Freightpoint is already active.

The Aether denies you this Signature. Try another! - This Signature is reserved to a player.



 - runecraft.runes.freightpoint 
 - runecraft.runes.freightpoint.use

Disabled-runes.txt String: