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Materials: 4 Glass, 4 Redstone Wire, 1 Redstone Torch, and 2 different Tier Blocks.

Rune pattern


Effect: Creates an invisible force field around the rune for a set period of time and distance, causing mobs and players to not be able to pass through. The forcefield will selectively allow players through with a certain item (the item you activate the rune with).

Note: The two tier blocks MUST be different. Also, another note.. the tool you use can be named. an example, if you use a diamond axe you've renamed to "bob" on an anvil, players must have a diamond axe named "bob" as well, to be able to enter.

Tier Effect: The top tier block determines the size and it goes as follows (this is the outer edge of the field, the field seems to have a 6 block thickness):

 Tier 1: 6
 Tier 2: 9
 Tier 3: 12
 Tier 4: 15
 Tier 5: 18
 Tier 6: 21
 Tier 7: 24

The bottom tier determines the duration and it goes as follows:

 Tier 1: 1m 33s
 Tier 2: 1m 41s
 Tier 3: 2m 25s
 Tier 4: 15m 45s
 Tier 5: 1h 13m 32s
 Tier 6: 2h 52m 12s
 Tier 7: 1day 4h 37m 52s

If the tier block that sets the duration is removed before the duration ends it will not be consumed.

Update: In Runecraft 3.0, all Force Fields have a key item, even if it is the empty hand.



 - runecraft.runes.forcefield
 - runecraft.runes.forcefield.use

Disabled-runes.txt String:

 force field