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Materials: 4 Gold Blocks, 1 Water.

Rune pattern


Effect: Blinds the user for a few seconds. If the user is an operator or a listener the tools will offer an effect. Nether Wart will grant or remove immersion [This is basically a debug log for players with OP]. Rabbit's Foot will show the bounds of the Faith island it was built upon by placing glowstone at the center and cobble at the edges. A Skull will print the energy map. A Gold Ingot will print all Faith island locations as co-ordinates. An Iron Ingot will print all waypoint locations as co-ordinates.

Uses: Infinite.

Tool: Empty hand, Nether Wart, Rabbit's Foot, Skull, Gold Ingot, or Iron Ingot.



 - runecraft.runes.immersion
 - runecraft.runes.immersion.use

Disabled-runes.txt String: