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Materials: 8 Tier Blocks, 1 Diamond Block, 8 Cobblestone Walls, 1 Netherrack.


Effect: Prevents hostile mobs spawning in the area. The Obelisk creates a cylindrical protection field, extending infinitely up and down; the radius of the cylinder is determined by the tier of the blocks used to construct it.

 Tier 1: 4 blocks
 Tier 2: 8 blocks
 Tier 3: 16 blocks
 Tier 4: 20 blocks
 Tier 5: 30 blocks
 Tier 6: 40 blocks
 Tier 7: 50 blocks

Notes: This rune will toggle fire on the Netherrack when enabled and disabled. This rune was submitted by wispoffates.


"Your Tranquility Obelisk has been destroyed." - An obelisk that you're in the radius of is no longer intact.



 - runecraft.runes.tranquilityobelisk
 - runecraft.runes.tranquilityobelisk.use

Disabled-runes.txt String:

 tranquility obelisk