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Version Number Server Version Fixes Runes Added
2.13 Bukkit

Collision detection for some enchanted blocks was removed to make faith islands easier. Bugs: bow runes aren't working properly. That Should be fixed in 2.13.1/2.14 according to C'tri [1]

These all come from C'tri's videos, which are the only "official" announcements of the new runes or data on the new version currently available. links included.

  • Lightpick/Sword/Axe/Shovel [2]
  • Spider Touch [3]
  • Prometheus [4]
  • Magma Gel [5]
  • Magic Cake [6]
  • Pegasus [7]
  • Whisper Curse [8]
  • Butterfingers Curse [9]
  • Touch Hex
  • Damage Hex
  • Portal Hex
  • Permanence [10]
  • Salvation and Redemption [11]

There may also be hidden runes [12]

2.12 Bukkit and 1.2.5
  • Changed faith rune, lower four tier blocks now determine radius and top determines height.
  • Tier 3 dispel rune dispels phase blocks etc. Gets rid of annoying "something interferes" messages.
  • Topsey-turvey now works sideways
  • New Faith transfer portal rune moves faith islands and magic that exists on them (waypoints etc.) to new "faithpoint" runes. Recall currently doesn't move. Faithpoints work as standard waypoints as well.
  • Faithpoint
  • Faith transfer portal
  • Bow of Translocation
  • Tunnel Shovel
2.11 Bukkit and 1.1
  • You can now add "tier X Y" in disabled-runes.txt to change a block's tier. For instance, "tier 55 6" makes redstone tier 6, and "tier 57 0" makes diamond blocks tier 0. You cannot go past tier 6.
  • Sheep (and other mobs) can now be teleported to the nether (and other worlds)
  • Magic.dat file redundant updates (copies before updating, then deletes) should be much more robust against the server crashing while writing.

(Bukkit only [13])

Bukkit for 1.1.0

Dev Build

  • Updated to CraftBukkit 1.1 dev build
  • Compass: Added an option to change "north" for the rune
  • Recall: Added an option if recalling should apply the Weakness effect for 30 seconds (for PvP servers)
  • Changed tier of piston extension back to 2
  • Fixed conversion of Pressure Sensors to the new signature system
  • Fixed Wallteleporter not being usable without being initiated

(Bukkit only [14])

Bukkit for 1.0.0

recommended build

  • Bukkit: Changed Piston Extension back to tier 2 (it was supposed to be on tier 0, but it's Christmas today)
  • Bukkit: Fixed conversion of Pressure Sensors; the new signature system with metadata support broke them (you have to copy an older magic.dat in, so the conversion is done again)

(Bukkit Only - [15])

Minecraft 1.0.1 and Bukkit #?
  • Bukkit: Removed support for AttributeProvider; we only support Bukkit's permissions now
  • Bukkit: Added configuration file: config.yml
  • Bukkit: Added ability to change the default of runecraft.teleport and runecraft.runes permissions via config.yml
  • New runes: Identifier, Engraver, Bottomless Cauldron, Power Drill, Spleef Blocks
  • Added subtype of Bow of Light without a torch
  • Added metadata (wool color etc.) to signatures of automation runes
  • Redstone sensor can be destroyed by picking the iron block
  • Multiple Automation Designations on a single block don't stack
  • Reduced 'power' for Power Pick (128 per tier)
  • Added some blocks to Uncrafter and Fire Pick
  • Changed tier of Tall Gras and Nether Portals to 0 (blanks)
  • Fixed issue with Recall draining too much 'uses'
  • Disabled log message for disabled runes
  • ...more...
  • Added new runes - Identifier (Replaced Oracle Variant), Engraver, Bottomless Cauldron, Power Drill
  • Identifier
  • Engraver
  • Bottomless Cauldron
  • Power Drill
2.10.1 Minecraft 1.0.1 and Bukkit #1550
  • Added metadata (wool color etc.) to signatures of automation runes.
  • Redstone Sensor can be destroyed by picking the iron block.
  • Multiple Automation Designations on a single block don't stack.
  • Bug Fix:bug in the porting to Minecraft server 1.0.1. It used the wrong method to get the highest block.
2.10 Minecraft 1.0.0 and Bukkit #1466
  • Compatible with minecraft 1.0.0!
  • Oracle Changed (use glass in center to ID your enchanted tools)
  • Engraver (hit it to make runecraft enchants mimic minecraft enchants, and follow the very tool.)
2.9 Beta 1.8.1 and Bukkit #1337
  • Added new runes - Bow of Light, Twinshot & Flotilla
  • Automation Designator rune now requires gold ore instead of iron blocks
  • Bow of Light
  • Twinshot
  • Flotilla
2.8.1 Beta 1.7-1.7.3 and Bukkit (Version?)
  • Fixed a Pressure Sensor bug
  • Added a new rune
  • Changed Solar Flare and Flash Freeze to affect mobs
  • Magic Lasso
2.8 Beta 1.7-1.7.3 and Bukkit (Version?)
  • Added rune activation/trigger system
  • Added six new runes
  • Changed Accelerator and Force Field to affect mobs in addition to players
  • Bugfixes
  • Power Axe
  • Automation Designator
  • Redstone Sensor
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Damage Sensor
  • Block Sensor
2.7 Bukkit 766-803 and Beta 1.6.5-1.6.6
  • Added two runes
  • Re-implemented rune: Zeerix' Chest
  • Added 2 minutes cooldown for Chrono Trigger
  • Added multiworld-support for many runes
  • Added/improved metadata-support (wool colors, etc.) for many runes
  • Added support for AttributeProviders (a bridge plugin for Permissions)
  • Added a "" file to every world folder; you can change the id of a world by editing this file with a text editor
  • Spring String resets fall distance; Shield is changed a bit and has more uses
  • Some bugfixes
2.6.1 Beta 1.5_02
  • Fixed packet bugs
  • Phantom Torch requires only 2 torches now
2.6 Beta 1.5_02
  • Multiworld support with Bukkit (add "enable multiworld travel" to disabled-runes.txt)
  • Meta-data support for WP/TP signatures (cloth colors, trunk types, step types)
  • Added new rune
  • Endurance
  • Phantom Torch fixed

2.5.2 Beta 1.4_1
  • Allowed vertical teleporters to work: see teleporters section
  • Ability to specify which player to ban a rune for in disabled-runes.txt
  • Ability to specify which inks are allowed/disallowed in disabled-runes.txt
  • Power pick finally obeys worldguard protection (zeerix)
  • Force field time limit and thickness increased slightly
  • Added more runes
  • Enchantment Swap
  • Altar of Judgement

2.5.1 Beta 1.4_1
  • Ported to Beta server 1.4_1
  • Added Travel Ink
  • Added Teleporter Toll
  • Added Player Ban
  • Added Initiation Mode
  • Several New Runes
  • Admin Pick
  • Accelerator
  • Spring
  • Force Field
  • Initiation

2.4.6 Beta 1.4
  • Ported to Beta server 1.4
  • Added Surface Tension rune.
  • Surface Tension
2.4.5 Beta 1.3_01
  • Fixed linked hidden passages and problems with teleporters under bukkit.
2.4.4 Beta 1.3_01
  • Ported to Beta server 1.3_01
2.4.2 Beta 1.2_01
  • Ported to Beta server 1.2_01
2.4 Beta 1.1_02
  • Ported to Beta server 1.1_02
  • Four new runes
  • Mouse Trap
  • Zeerix's chest
  • Beacon
  • Phase Blocks
2.3.1 0.2.8
  • Ported to server 0.2.8.

2.3 0.2.7
  • Added a new rune and ported to server 0.2.7
  • Depth Note

2.2.4 0.2.4
  • Fixed the reinitializing bug.

2.2.3 0.2.4
  • Updated certain classes to fix the crash on bugfix updates 1 and 2.
2.2.2 0.2.4
  • Added health compatibility.
2.2.1 0.2.4
  • Fixed the chicken bug and added the phantom torch.
  • Phantom Torch
2.2 0.2.4
  • Wall/Bridge Master can be stopped by removing the redstone dust
  • The blanks must be air now in the compass rune
  • Destruction of waypoints fixed
  • Bridge Master
  • Underwater Pick/Shovel
2.1 added an armor system, a builder system, and several new tool runes.
2.02 fixed more stuff and OOOO SECRET FRIDAY RUNE
2.01 fixed some problems with 2.0.
2.0 the packet milestone. The tools system was replaced with a new packet interceptor that allowed any item to be used with runecraft, and allowed left-clicks to be intercepted. Rune whitelist in place now too.
1.92 fixed floodgates and made it so Warp Zones can't pass through materials (other than ore) higher than tier 1.
1.91 allowed hidden passages to be built higher than 2 blocks, added a new hidden rune (Warp Zone), fixed flight so it's harder to fall off of the bubble, and allowed hidden passages to be opened by right-clicking on any of the door pieces.
1.9 added the spell of flight, fixed the fire pick template, changed the solar flare template, and fixed a crash bug
1.82 fixed a few other bugs and added the "hidden passage" rune.
1.81 fixed tool runes and personal teleporters.
1.8 updated the mod to the new server software and fixed a bug with personal teleporter messages.
1.71 fixed a bug with buried teleporters, changed the fire pick template, and nerfed the mine shaft.
1.7 added server messages, changed chrono trigger template, added a mine shaft rune, and implemented a new teleporter system.

1.6 added chrono trigger and fixed a couple more bugs. Rune activation messages are capitalized properly now.

1.51 fixed a horrendous bug that was overlooked in 1.5

1.5 fixed more bugs. key blocks are now teleported as item drops instead of blocks.
1.4 fixed the broken teleporter message and made axes and pickaxes work again (they were broken in 1.3)
1.3 added support for the Secret Friday 9 server update.
1.2 added several new runes, including the freezer, ice pick, snow shovel, and hoe runes, plus a secret rune. Also added support for rune blacklisting.
  • added several new runes
  • Shield
  • Fire Pick
  • Green Thumb
  • The initial release
  • Compass
  • Teleporters
  • Waypoints
  • Leaf Blower
  • Recall