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Materials: 12 Bedrock, 5 Gold Blocks, 4 Signature Blocks.

Rune pattern


Effect: Loads a rune that was previously saved with the Salvation Rune, also changes the .faith file to .faithed to denote the rune was already redeemed.

Uses: Unlimited. The rune is not consumed. But because the file is changed to .faithed, this becomes useless until a new Signature is input.


"There is no Faith here. Try another Signature!" - No .faith file with this signature exists.

"Your Faith could not be loaded." - Some error occurred in loading the .faith file. Check console for more details.



- runecraft.runes.redemption 
- runecraft.runes.redemption.use

Disabled-runes.txt String:

To use this rune this line must be uncommented.