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== Changelog ==
== Changelog ==

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An Initation Rune

Rune pattern

Required Materials: 20 Cobblestone, 1 Fire
Size: 7x7
Tool: Empty Hand
Uses: Once
You can already manipulate the Aether You're already initated.
The Aether welcomes you as its master You can now begin Runecrafting.


The first rune you will ever perform, the key to your runecrafting career. With the lighting of the fire, you will be initiated and with that be allowed to harness the power of runes.


Effect: This rune initiates a player into Runecrafting. This is the first rune that you can cast as a player. (If you attempt to cast any other rune, you will be prompted to build this one first.)

Instructions: After lighting the fire, right click the block under the fire with a tool.

Video: Runecraft 101: Initiation Rune



- runecraft.runes.initiation
- runecraft.runes.initiation.use

Disabled-runes.txt String: