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Materials: 12 Tier Blocks, 4 Gold Ore, 4 Signature Block, 1 Key Block.

Rune pattern


Effect: Creates a designator to designate which blocks are Lock Blocks. Left click to create a block with your designator. If you now designate this Block next to a group of Toggle Blocks which have been activated using the same Signature as for the Lock Block, the Toggle Blocks can no longer be triggered. You can only trigger them by placing the Key Block next to the Lock Block and right-clicking or powering (with Redstone) the Lock Block. This can be used to effectively create Redstone controlled Toggle Block drawbridges.

Tool: Any non-block item.

Uses: Based on energy.

Energy Cost: 1 Gold Ore worth of energy.


"There is already magic here that interferes." - Another rune's magic is already present at this location.



 - runecraft.runes.lockblock
 - runecraft.runes.lockblock.use

Disabled-runes.txt String:

 lock block