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Materials: 2 Iron Blocks, 4 Gold Blocks, 4 Obsidian, and 1 Diamond Block.


Effect: Allows players to change the time of day.

Uses: Unlimited, requiring one redstone per use. As of 2.8, can only be used once every 2 minutes. As of 3.1.0, usage timer has increased to 20 minutes.

Placement: The gold blocks of this rune must be facing north, to clarify, the rune itself, as shown in the blueprint above, needs to be oriented to the north. ie: the top of the blueprint is north and the bottom is south. To determine which direction is north, use the Compass Rune. This rune has two prerequisites. First it must be placed near to or above the cloud level. The Diamond Block of the rune must be above Y=100. Second it must be placed where there is no ceiling above the 3X3 blueprint. The ceiling can be circumvented by using glass in the column above the diamond block of the Chrono Trigger, how many layers that can be applied on top before loss of functionality is uncertain.

Instructions: To control the time of day, place a Redstone Torch or a piece of Redstone dust on one of the blocks adjacent to the top portion of the rune. The gold and obsidian blocks depict the day and night cycle on the server; the placement of the Redstone determines the time of day the rune will switch to. For example, to switch the time to just after morning, place a redstone wire or torch on the block straight west of the rune and activate the diamond block.

Video: Runecraft 101: Chrono Trigger


Your rune is too far from the sun. - Your rune is below Y=100

The sun cannot see your rune. - There's an opaque block between your rune and the sun.

The Aether won't read your mind. - You didn't place redstone in the location before activating.

Your order has to be precise. - You have too many pieces of redstone on the rune.

The Aether doesn't have time to spare. - It hasn't been 20 minutes since the last activation.

The time has been changed to [TIME] ticks by [PLAYER]'s powers. - Time has changed due to that player.



- runecraft.runes.chronotrigger
- runecraft.runes.chronotrigger.use

Disabled-runes.txt String:

chrono trigger