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|message1 = Your rune is too far from the sun. |response1 = Your rune is below Y=100.

|message2 = The sun cannot see your rune. |response2 = There's an opaque block between your rune and the sun.

|message3 = The Aether won't read your mind. |response3 = You didn't place redstone in the location before activating.

|message4 = Your order has to be precise. |response4 = You have too many pieces of redstone on the rune.

|message5 = The Aether doesn't have time to spare. |response5 = It hasn't been 20 minutes since the last activation.

|message6 = The time has been changed to [TIME] ticks by [PLAYER]'s powers. |response6 = Time has changed due to that player.