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Runecraft is a gameplay modification for Bukkit and Spigot that adds magic to the game in the form of configurable block formations known as "runes" that can be constructed in the actual game world, creating short-term enchantments with a variety of functions. Unlike other Bukkit/Spigot mods, it does not have any client-side interface such as the use of commands.

Runecraft was the third SMP mod ever developed, being originally released on August 28, 2010 by creator SuperLlama and is still actively maintained by RivkiinShadows, Amuxix, lvletei. Old developers were Ctri, Zeerix, Josiah42, Hero5th, and Der_niabs.

Sections of the Wiki

Section Description
Runes Runes List is a general section for Runecraft Runes. It provides:
  • Templates of each known rune
  • Information about each rune
  • Administrative sections
Tiers Tiers is a list of all default tier blocks, their level, and their use in Runecraft
Energy Energy System is a section dedicated to the energy system of Runecraft
Configuration Configuration is a section for installation, configuration, and customization of Runecraft
Removed Runes Removed Runes is a list of all runes removed in each version of Runecraft
Versions Version History is a list of all versions and changes made to Runecraft
Servers Runecraft Servers is a list of all known servers currently running Runecraft
Editing Editing Help is a general guideline for contributing to this wiki following the standardized layout