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Materials: 16 Tier Blocks, 4 Signature Blocks and 1 Key Block.


Effect: Teleports the player to the designated waypoint if it exists.

Uses: Unlimited

Instructions: Right click to activate. When the Teleporter is activated, it will check if there is an active Waypoint with the chosen Signature. The Signature blocks will be consumed if the Signature is valid, and the holes can then be filled with tier-0 blocks if wanted. The Key block is only necessary when the target waypoint tier is higher than teleport tier, in which case the key block must be of higher or equal tier than the target waypoint. It is also needed when it is specified in the disabled-runes.txt file.

Note: if you have issues using this rune, use the master teleporter rune.

Since 2.5.2 Teleporters can be made vertical as well. When upright, up is north and down is south. East is east and west is west unless the angles do not allow it so. In this case, assume that East is always north whenever possible, this way no matter what direction you approach it from east is the side that is pointing east or north.

Video: Runecraft 101: Waypoints and Teleports


No waypoint with that signature was found. - That signature couldn't be found, or a waypoint with that signature doesn't exist.

A tunnel through the Aether has been established. - You've successfully linked this teleporter to an existing waypoint.


Configuration: Teleporting between worlds is disabled by default and needs to be enabled in the disabled-runes.txt file to work.


 - runecraft.runes.teleporter
 - runecraft.runes.teleporter.use

Disabled-runes.txt String: