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Adding and maintaining all the information in this wiki is a massive undertaking for one person alone, but for the page to be readable and easier to edit everyone should follow the same guide lines. The guide lines in use right now are listed below.

Rune Grimoire

For the rune grimoire we use a wiki template called LoadBox. This template loads another wiki page, we use this to maintain the main page small.

The way we use it is the following:

{{LoadBox|page=<Rune Category>/<Rune Name>/Pattern|title=[[<Rune Category>/<Rune Name>|<Rune Name>]]|float=none}}{{-}}

Where you replace <Rune Name> for the rune name and <Rune Category> for its category.
Note: You must remove the "<>".

Main Rune Pages

Every rune page should contain its basic functionality, the materials it uses and the tier effect (if applicable). Videos with tutorials are also welcome.

Each rune page should also have the wiki disclaimer and the Mods and Runecraft Categories

The basic page code looks like this:

{{LoadBox|page={{FULLPAGENAMEE}}/Pattern|title=Rune pattern|float=none}}{{-}}
== Notes ==
== Errors ==

== Administrative ==
 - runecraft.runes.<runename>
 - runecraft.runes.<runename>.use
'''Disabled-runes.txt String:'''

Note: You should copy this code to every new rune page and edit it from there.

Runecraft special blocks have wiki pages the code to insert links to those pages (to be use in the rune materials) are as follows:

[[Tier Block|Tier Blocks]]
[[Signature Block|Signature Blocks]]
[[Key Block]]

Rune Pattern

For rune patterns we use media wiki tables, you should take a look at this help page for more info on them.

Below is a template for a 3x3 blank rune you can copy and modify to add new rune patterns.

{| class="wikitable" style="float:left; padding:0;"
! colspan="3" | Layer 0

|- style="height: 55px;"
| style="width:50px" |
| style="width:50px" | 
| style="width:50px" | 

|- style="height: 55px;"

|- style="height: 55px;"


The links for the items look like this:


Where Cobblestone.png is the name of the file you want the image to show (you can find this in the material page by click the big image there).

50px is the size of the image this should not be changed.

The text after link= is also essential as it makes it so that when you click the image you get redirected to the material's page instead of the image's page. The text is the Material's name in most cases.

Special Runecraft Blocks

Runecraft have a few special blocks in its patterns and those have unique images. The links for those images are as follows:

[[File:Signature Block.png|50px|link=Signature Block]]
[[File:Tier Block.png|50px|link=Tier Block]]
[[File:Key Block.png|50px|link=Key Block]]