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Runes List

Here we have the layout of all known runes. For details, click the individual runes name.


Initiation ­— enable runecrafting


Depth Note — show floor thickness

Diviner — show active runecraft effects

Oracle ­— show tier information of a given block


Freight Teleporter — teleport items out of a chest

Freightpoint — receiver for a Freight Teleporter

Personal Teleport — a cheap, single-use teleporter

Recall — teleport yourself or others to the marked location

Teleporter — teleport players to a receiver

Warp — teleport through floors or ceilings

Waypoint — receiver for a player teleport


Doubt — un-Faith an island

Faith — raise the land to make a floating island

Faith Transfer Portal ­— teleport an entire faith island

Faith Wrencher — adjust an island's center

Faithpoint — receiver for a Transfer Portal

Pegasus — move an island through the sky

Rubrik — create a copy of a faith island

Shell - create a shell around your faith island


Lock Block — lock or down toggle blocks

Mineshaft — instantly dig a vertical mineshaft

Mineshaft(4.0) — instantly dig a vertical mineshaft

Mound ­— create a shelter

Reality Anchor — record a structure for duplication

Reality Master — create a copy of a Reality Mastered structure

Reality Master (Advanced) — create an advanced copy of a Reality Mastered structure

Solar Flare — vaporize a large volume of blocks

Spleef Block ­— for flooring a Spleef arena

Toggle Blocks — blocks that can be toggled with another block (or air)

Topsy Turvy — vertically invert an area

Transmutation — replace blocks in place

Transmutation (Advanced) — replace more powerful blocks in place

Wall Master — build a structure that helps build walls


Accelerator — fling players through the air

Aether Chest - a secure way to get energy for you or another

Flotilla — stackable boats

Force Field — an invisible defensive wall

Freezer — freeze water and create snow

Glowstick - light up mobs in the area

Inheritance — retain items on death

Immersion — blind yourself

Levitation Obelisk — negate gravity in a large area

Levitation Obelisk — negate gravity in a large area

Magic Cake — bake a cake without milk or eggs

Magma Gel — harvest netherrack into stackable lava sources

Runic Radio — talk to other players with the same radio [Temporarily Disabled]

Spring — leap forwards on command

Surface Tension — harvest ice into stackable water sources

Tempest — raise or dispel a storm

Vortex - Coming soon

Zeerix Chest — create a chest you can summon and unsummon at will [Temporarily Disabled!]


Ankheg Armor — pretty sure this one gives armor toughness

Cold Feet — freeze water under your feet

Diver's Helmet — breathe underwater

Dragon Heart — nearly certain it gives extra hearts on armor

Endurance — extend mercy invulnerability after taking damage

Torch Bearer — a torch that follows you

Prometheus — creates runic armor


Some tool effects can be stacked.

Farmer's Charm — plant seeds while hoeing

Fire Pick — smelt blocks as you mine them

Leaf Blower — destroy leaves in bulk

Light Pick — place torches with your pickaxe

Power Hoe — till large areas of dirt

Power Pick — mine large volumes of rock and ore

Containment — make dangerous terrain safe when mining nearby


Some weapon effects can be stacked. (Multishot + Siege bow, for example)

Bow of Light — place torches with your arrows

Bow of Translocation — teleport to where the arrow lands

Hell Maw — arrows open fissures to the void

Multishot — shoot multiple arrows at once

Shield — create a small force field with your shield

Siege bow — upgrade your arrows with TNT


Dispel — remove runecraft effects

Permanence — prevent a tool from being destroyed

Genesis — create a personal void dimension


All Ward runes block the creation of certain types of runes, or disable existing rune effects, within a given area.

Aether Ward — disable all rune creation

Danger Ward — disable terrain modifying runes

Flight Ward — disable flight

Tool Ward — disable rune-enhanced tools

Teleport Ward — disable teleportation

True Name Ward — disable use of True Names

Void Ward — disable curses

True Name

True Name — let someone else use runes as if they were you


Automation Designator — prepare a rune for remote activation via sensors

Block Sensor — activates when a block is placed on it

Damage Sensor — activates when it takes damage

Pressure Sensor — activates when stepped on

Redstone Sensor — activates on receiving a redstone signal


These runes are intended for use by administrators only; as such, all of them require bedrock to make.

Admin Pick — delete bedrock

Altar of Judgement — edit disabled-runes.txt from in game

Absolution - load a previously saved Faith island, clipping into whatever

Redemption — load a previously saved Faith island

Salvation — save a Faith island to a file

Seed Rune — WIP limited to OPs